Division In The Motorcycle Community

Division In The Motorcycle Community

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Power and control is exerted and maintained through division and the “us against them” idea continues to divide. The best example would be the Democrats vs. Republicans, as this is possibly the most well known divide which has created two major divisions within America. While in actuality the divisions mean nothing if your focus is on the best interests of the country. If there is no America, then the American political parties are meaningless. However this division is being used to advance agendas that really amount to money, power and control in the hands of a small group of folks within each division.

The division happens in every “community”, from our motorcycle community, to a high school class, any gathering of people really. When people start tearing others down, it is important to question why. You will see that the reason for their action is because the one they are tearing down threatens some power or control they feel they have. Division is darkness, and unity is light. Unity creates strength in many, and divests the few of power and control. Division is weakness for the many, but power and control for the few. If you fall into that trap, you are a pawn. Remember that the next time you hear someone tearing down another person for no reason, and you will see, hear and feel their insecurity, their darkness, their weakness.

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