Legal Ride

Safety Gear Services:

Capable of keeping you dry when it’s wet, cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and alive in a crash, motorcycle safety gear is the most advanced apparel this side of a space suit. Legal Ride currently accepts donations of durable motorcycle safety gear and equipment: helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, pants, suits, armor and much more. This donated quality gear is made available, free of charge, to community members in need of these items.

Safety gear donors may drop off gear at the Legal Ride office during business hours, or at any event Legal Ride team members are attending. Unfortunately we are not able to accept used helmet donations, only new helmets with tags still attached. Note this program does not have the funds to purchase equipment and donations are not tax-exempt at this time. An individual needing safety gear may call Tawnya at 702.412.8792 to place a request. Note the ability to provide gear is based on the availability of items at the time of the request and not all requests can be fulfilled.

Tipsy Tow:

Legal Ride, in conjunction with Stu’s Motorcycle Towing LLC offers Las Vegas residents a free tipsy-tow of their motorcycle, as well as a ride home to encourage riders to not drink and ride. Las Vegas riders needing to utilize this service can call 702-980-9246 to set up their tow. There are some exclusions that apply. Riders will be picked up with their motorcycle and delivered to their home.

Stu’s Motorcycle Towing LLC has been in Las Vegas for 19 years, and has been towing motorcycles for over 30 years. Stu’s is a fully licensed and insured company, as well as owned and operated by fellow riders.

Vigil Services:

Planning a vigil service for a loved one who was victim of a motorcycle accident can be extremely challenging. Not only is there a desire to share the memories of your loved one with those around you, but there is the silent pressure to ensure the vigil properly honors his or her life. Legal Ride understands the sensitivity and nature of this kind of service and we are here to assist families honor their loved one. (click for website):

Legal Ride offers vigil services to commemorate and honor your loved one. Featuring pastoral services, candle and memorial card production and vigil planning, we are here to provide support during this difficult time.

Legal Ride is a proud sponsor of the Rider SOS Accident Fund and the efforts of this dedicated local Nonprofit that is dedicated to assisting riders after an injury from a motorcycle crash.  Rider SOS Accident Fund is able to provide assistance with medical equipment, transportation, as well as financial assistance to riders and their families during the recovery period so the rider can focus on healing.

Skill Building:

Legal Ride offers a wide range of motorcycle riding clinics for riders of all skill levels – beginners to advanced, street riders, adventure bike and dual sport riders. Our goal is to continually increase the local motorcyclists riding skill level therefore reducing the amount of motorcycle injuries and fatalities.

Riding Clinics:

Legal Ride offers several free to low cost motorcycle safety clinics for local riders. Each clinic is a brief course of instruction with theory and practical knowledge open to anyone wanting to improve their riding skills. Riding clinic subjects vary from street riding, motorcycle ergonomics, body position, cornering strategies and apex improvement and many more.  A monthly riding clinic is held on the third Thursday of every month. To keep updated on our next clinic visit our “Events” page calendar for information and details, or follow us on Facebook.

Track Days:

We fully believe that with proper training, the right gear and plenty of seat time in precision environments we can train riders with the skills and equipment necessary to avoid dangerous accidents. Our most recent event was at the Pahrump race track where we worked with the track day provider to get 23 riders out on the track for their very first track experience. This is just one of the ways Legal Ride is giving back to the riding community here in Southern Nevada.

Tech Nights:

Legal Ride supports motorcyclists riding skills as well as maintenance knowledge. Our tech night clinics are held at a local motorcycle shop, where Damon and other instructors are able to cover and demonstrate basic maintenance. Riders are not required to bring their motorcycles, but volunteer motorcycles are worked on during the clinic.  Basic motorcycle maintenance topics such as basic mechanics, oil changes, brake pad changes, chain adjustment and lubrication, air filter, spark plugs, wheel bearing, steering bearings and more are covered in these tech night clinics. To keep updated on our next clinic visit our “Events” page calendar for information and details.

Bike Nights:

Legal Ride sponsors and supports bike nights at multiple locations within the Las Vegas motorcycle community. Grab your bike and join other local riders for music, food, fun and plenty of eye candy. For the most current and up to date list of sponsored events happening locally, please check our “Events” page calendar.

Corporate Relationships:

Legal Ride strives to establish and maintain a sound relationship with several dealerships and corporate companies within Las Vegas in which, together, we are able to further evolve the motorcycle community and rider skills.


Motorcyclists rights are constantly being challenged at an alarming rate. We collect and share information on motorcyclists rights, help educate motorcyclists of their civil liberties, work with motorcycle rights organizations and promote motorcycle safety amongst the community. In fact, Damon Schuetze ESQ., is the only Nevada lawyer on the Motorcycle Task Force by the Nevada Department of Transportation. This position provides an opportunity to voice real concerns from real motorcyclists when establishing motorcycle specific legislation.