Division In The Motorcycle Community

Power and control is exerted and maintained through division and the “us against them” idea continues to divide. The best example would be the Democrats vs. Republicans, as this is possibly the most well known divide which has created two major divisions within America. While in actuality the divisions mean nothing if your focus is […]

Motorcycle Insurance Disputes

When understanding how insurance companies work, it’s important to understand how insurance companies are required to interact with their insured clients. While a company is relatively free to “play games” with the opposing side, they are required to treat their own insured clients differently which we label in good faith. If an insurance company fails […]

New Nevada DUI Laws

We have been reading through the new DUI law which took effect yesterday, October 1, 2018. We will be studying in more detail, but for now, it looks like the most significant changes are three: Under the new law, if you arrested for driving with .08 BAC (or .02 BAC if under 21) will have […]

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

So a follow up to the accident reconstruction post, I said that the Time-Speed-Distance triangle was not just important to as an attorney working with experts to reconstruct accident cases, but also to us as riders. We are so used to navigating the streets that 60 mph doesn’t mean anything to us in practice, but […]


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