Carrying While Riding

I tell people all of the time that they should get their CCW if they otherwise qualify. It’s especially important if you are an MC rider for two reasons: 1. The only way you can really carry a firearm on a bike will be in a concealed fashion. Even if you have it on your […]

Motorcycle Pelvic Injuries

Another injury topic very pertinent to motorcycle riders is pelvic injuries. The pelvis is the strongest and most protected structure in the body. It takes a lot of energy to damage the pelvis, and many times, pelvic injury is accompanied by a lot of other injuries. There is one doctor in town that testifies that […]

Speed and Motorcycles

May not be popular to say, but speed is a factor in a lot of motorcycle-related accidents. Fortunately, Nevada is a “comparative negligence” State, our version of that law says you can still recover for your injuries so long as your fault is “not greater than” the fault of the other party. So you can […]

Female Specific Motorcycle Injuries

As a follow-up to the boy’s injury post, I wanted to do one for the girls. In thinking back through the thousands of cases we have handled, I could only think of a maybe one where a female was injured in her groin, a tear as I recall. Obviously, I am not posting pictures of […]

Male Specific Motorcycle Injuries

In the injury information post from yesterday, I promised today would be one for the boys. Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of blunt scrotal injuries. “Testicular dislocation is an uncommon complication, often due to a direct trauma to the fuel tank in motorcycle accident”. Basically, when a motorcycle runs into something, the […]

ATGATT! For your skin!

All the gear all the time! Another reason to wear gear. We have all heard of road rash, most of us have had it. But not everyone has heard of “degloving injuries”. I mentioned this briefly in the post yesterday about lower extremity injuries. As a result of sliding on the ground, or getting some […]

Riding in the heat

Asphalt temps can reach 180 degrees in the summer here. That’s slightly less hot than a frying pan on a low setting on a gas stove top. If u crash without gear and lay on the ground for any more than a few seconds, you will get burned. 2nd-degree burns can occur in as little […]

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

As riders, we are uniquely susceptible to certain injuries in accidents that people in cars are not. Lower extremity (thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot) are some of the most common injuries riders suffer. In America, we receive more injuries on our left lower limbs, because we drive on the right hand side of the […]

M Endorsement

We typically handle approximately 300 motorcycle accident cases a year, more than any other local firm.  We also consult with both local and out-of-state firms on their cases as well, as we have developed the reputation among other lawyers as the go-to firm for motorcycle accident cases.  Many riders do not have an “M” endorsement […]

We are still open

Legal Ride is staying open during the stay at home directive, in order to continue serving our clients and the community.  We have gotten a lot of calls about rumors and speculation about what is happening with the Courts.  I’ll break it down by Personal Injury, Criminal and Tickets: Personal Injury claims are moving through […]