Speed and Motorcycles

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Speed and Motorcycles

May not be popular to say, but speed is a factor in a lot of motorcycle-related accidents. Fortunately, Nevada is a “comparative negligence” State, our version of that law says you can still recover for your injuries so long as your fault is “not greater than” the fault of the other party. So you can…

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Legal Ride is staying open during the stay at home directive, in order to continue serving our clients and the community.  We have gotten a lot of calls about rumors and speculation about what is happening with the Courts.  I’ll break it down by Personal Injury, Criminal and Tickets: Personal Injury claims are moving through…
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Legal Ride’s Guidelines For Helmet Use and Firearm Carry

NEVADA: DOT helmet and eye protection are mandatory for all riders in Nevada Open carry of hand gun is permitted. Concealed means “not readily observable”. Concealed carry is permitted with possession of a Nevada CCW or, alternatively, Nevada recognizes CCW from the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho Enhanced Permit, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,…