Motorcycle Attorney Las Vegas
Legal Ride Motorcycle Attorneys has extensive experience in managing motorcycle accident cases. This comes from partner, Damon Schuetze, Esq. and his long involvement in the motorcycle industry as well as the motorcycling community. We love riding as much as you do and we ride on the track, the street and the dirt. Our passion for riding has connected us with many other riders over the years and, unfortunately, sometimes riders get hurt. Due to our involvement to motorcyclists and the riding community, we have had the privilege of representing many injured riders right here in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Southern Nevada.

We understand prejudices that the general motoring public has against motorcyclists translates into claim denials and trial strategies for insurance companies. The perception of a rude and dangerous motorcyclist often influences the jury to doubt the motorcyclists account. Unfortunately, the image of a reckless motorcyclist has been raised in every motorcycle accident case we have taken to court, even if the perception is completely untrue. We have acquired the knowledge and skills required to prepare a proper defense including providing motorcycle accident reconstruction experts. Our accident experts have the skills to effectively explain the science of why drivers do not see motorcyclists and have successfully defeated false jury perceptions in every case we have taken to trial yet.

If you have any questions about your motorcycle accident related case, we would like to talk with you, answer your questions, and show you how our experience can result in success for you.


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