We are still open

We are still open


Legal Ride is staying open during the stay at home directive, in order to continue serving our clients and the community.  We have gotten a lot of calls about rumors and speculation about what is happening with the Courts.  I’ll break it down by Personal Injury, Criminal and Tickets:

Personal Injury claims are moving through the system, although things are moving a little slower due to most insurance companies sending their staff home to work remotely.  It has also slowed down vehicle inspections and repairs, while the body shops have remained opened, the insurance companies that were not already doing so, are instituting online damage submission and approval procedures.  We are still working on settlements and we have signed up new cases since the stay at home order last night.  So if you or someone you know gets hurt, we can still definitely help take care of the case.

As far as lawsuits, law firms are working together to handle depositions and other meeting via video links, so there has been a small delay in scheduling these matters, although we set up our links in anticipation of this issue and already did a remote deposition today.  ALL CIVIL JURY TRIALS ARE VACATED and are being rescheduled.  This will delay some trials.  Motions are either being decided on the briefs without appearance by the lawyers, or the court is having lawyers appear by phone, or they are being continued for oral arguments in April, it just depends on the court and the matter being heard. 

Criminal cases are being handled the same as civil cases, with all criminal jury trials being vacated, and all motions being handled on a courtroom by courtroom basis, either on the briefs, oral arguments by phone or continuation of hearings.  Certain in-custody hearings, like bail and initial arraignments, and certain other Constitutional type hearings are going forward like normal with attorneys present.  Jenny had in person court appearances this morning and every day this week moving forward.  We are still available to help you or anyone you know with their new criminal matters.  The police are working on a cite-and-release policy for most misdemeanor crimes currently, except for Domestic Battery and DUI.

Tickets are a bit more complex.  There are many ticket courts in the valley, including Las Vegas Muni, North Las Vegas Muni, Henderson Muni and Boulder City Muni.  And many others including Las Vegas Justice, North Las Vegas Justice, Henderson Justice, Overton, Moapa, Goodsprings and more.  There is no uniformity yet as to how the various courts are doing things, but we are receiving instructions from each court on a daily basis and adapting to their requirements.  So if you have a ticket or warrant, we are still here to help you just like always.  We have processed several new tickets, although we are doing everything through our temporary electronic submission program, which you can find more information on by liking and then clicking on the link on our Facebook page.  Currently, the various courts are handling tickets and warrants by various electronic means.  And of course you are still required to make ticket payments, and may continue to do so online normally. So far we have not seen any courts extend ticket due dates nor suspend fines or warrants.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any additional questions about your case or your pending ticket, or if you want to talk about a new case or ticket.  We are happy to be here to serve you during this difficult time.  The wheels of justice never stop turning.

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