ATGATT! For your skin!

ATGATT! For your skin!

All the gear all the time!

Another reason to wear gear. We have all heard of road rash, most of us have had it. But not everyone has heard of “degloving injuries”. I mentioned this briefly in the post yesterday about lower extremity injuries. As a result of sliding on the ground, or getting some part of your body stuck in or under something during a crash, a portion of the skin and subcutaneous tissue can be torn or ripped away from the underlying fascia, muscle, and bone. It can be large or small. I personally suffered this particular type of injury, to one finger, in a motorcycle accident.

The doctor was able to save my finger, and I am grateful. If you ever want to see the scar, just ask. I have included a few pictures, not the most graphic, but fairly mild for this type of injury. There is no “little” degloving injury, they are nasty and painful. Best way to prevent these . . . gloves on your hands, and boots on your feet. You can get them anywhere, but the main places we have seen them in motorcycle crash accident cases are hands and feet. Tennis shoes fly off in accidents, sometimes they can’t even find your shoes.

Gloves are way easier to replace than fingers and hands. Tomorrow I will have a post for the boys . . . special injuries we get especially on sports bikes. Please wear gear. You aren’t going to hear about these injuries anyplace else but this page, and the trauma center if you are unfortunate enough to go. Let Legal Ride Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys Nevada know if you have questions about your injuries following an accident!

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