Riding in the heat

Riding in the heat

Asphalt temps can reach 180 degrees in the summer here. That’s slightly less hot than a frying pan on a low setting on a gas stove top. If u crash without gear and lay on the ground for any more than a few seconds, you will get burned. 2nd-degree burns can occur in as little as 30 seconds. You can sustain 3rd-degree burns, or full thickness burns, in less than a minute on a hot asphalt surface at 180 degrees. Imagine laying down on the ground unconscious with your bike on top of you. It’s no different from smashing a hamburger patty down in a pan to sear it.

The treatment for this is extremely painful and includes skin grafts where they remove the skin from your thigh or butt and put it on the burned areas, effectively doubling the size of your skin injury. At Legal Ride Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys Nevada, we see burn injuries following motorcycle accidents like this frequently in the summer. This is why gear is so important in the summer. Please consider this post when deciding how to dress for a ride in the summer.

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