The Challenges

People often say there is no where good to ride here in Las Vegas.  It is true that the National Park Rangers have gotten much more aggressive about ticketing and towing motorcycles.  They have threatened us at Lake Mead, Valley of Fire and Mount Charleston, to tow if they catch you going as low as 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Keeping that in mind, it is important to go out during times of the day you will not be likely to encounter the Rangers, which coincide with those times of day where you are much more likely to encounter car drivers likely out for scenic drives in those parks.

We here at Schuetze & McGaha, P. C. have learned to ride with groups of other experienced riders, usually early in the morning, with the aggressive use of radar and other technologies and tactics to try to minimize the risk of tickets.  If you do get a ticket while riding, however, we handle tickets for free. This is yet another way Schuetze & McGaha, P. C. gives back to the riding community.

Project Information

Emergency pick-up service available 24 / 7. Please call us+84 1234 588 888